What do I need to get set up to see my account online?

You will need to choose a log in name and password and enter your email. You will also need one of your active contract numbers and the last four digits of the SSN or TAX ID associated with your contract. After you log in, you will be able to see all contracts associated with your customer number. Paid off accounts may be removed from the view.

What information can I see after log in?

You will be able to see what equipment is financed, original and current principal balances, the start, maturity, and next payment due date, mailing address for your payments, as well as any current invoiced amounts.

For all other information, including payment histories, copies of contracts or invoices, or year-end tax information, please contact Customer Solutions at 888-886-6242

Do you take credit or debit cards?

We do not currently accept credit or debit card payments. We can accept checking account information online and over the phone.

Can I get my invoices emailed instead of mailed?

We are not currently set up to email customer invoices.

What is the grace period for my payments?

The current grace period for all payments is 5 days.

Do you have more pictures of equipment for sale online?

For more information or pictures of our currently listed equipment, please contact Brian Kelley at (office) 402-964-8060 or (cell) 402-618-7121.